Welcome to our spring 2013 bull sale with the hopes of a much better
rainy and cooler year. We think this is the best set of bulls we have ever
offered. These bulls have finished their feed test and were fed a roughage
ration of haylage and small amounts of concentrates of corn and distiller
grains with trace minerals. The bulls were fed at a level to gain of 3 lbs. per
day, at this rate we think we can evaluate the growth rate and ultra sound data
producing a bull sound on his feet and legs with a great fertility life. These
bulls averaged 3.33 lbs. per day with 1100 lbs. yearling weight and 12. square
inch rid eye, 4.74 marbling with only .19 rib fat.
This group of bulls are represented by a fresh line in the Angus Breeding
World, Black Cedar and a son Cedar Ridge, this line is looking good as fresh
genetics to move forward with real world performance. This group of bulls
has several of our home grown lines that are still preforming great in the traits
that makes you and Claybrook Farms money.
Dave Turner
Claybrook Angus Farms
laybrook Angus Farms
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Sale Location:
Claybrook Bull Facility
828 Solo Road
Covington, TN 38019
Can stop by and view the
bulls at any time. All Claims
must be in by 12:30 p.m.,
Thursday, March, 21, 2013
Bovi-Shield Gold FP-L5V
Ivermectin and Synanthis
Dr. Tommy Shields,
Cattleman’s Advantage
Thursday, March 21, 2013
406•538•7988 Lewistown, MT
Reference Sire
Cole Creek Black Cedar 46P is a foundation Herd Sire we found in
the Historic Herd Cole Creek Angus Ranch in Montana for his unique
genetics total performance.
Cole Creek Black Cedar 46P, is a deep ribbed, practical low birth, strong
topped Quantum bred bull that has earned rave reviews as a real world
cow maker in the rugged Cole Creek Angus Ranch herd in Montana
that stresses functional, maternal performance. His daughters excel in
body volume, udder quality, fertility, and natural thickness.
We are basic our breeding around this great sire. We feel he can impact
our herd with real world cattle for year to come. We have been using
him heavy for 2 year and still using him and four of his sons heavier
that any bloodline ever here at Claybrook.
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