We would like to invite everyone to our March 30, 2013 female sale. We are
very proud of this set of cows. The base of this herd is strong with a sound
pedigree. We have several cow families working on their 12th generation in
production. Bulls like Southern Trend, Traveler 212 and Gaucho 715G built a
soundmaternal base for this herd followed by Midland 0502, a high performance
and outstanding carcass sire. Then came the next generation that was two 7/8
brothers, Harris 004 Traveler 702 co-owned with Harris Angus Farm, (You will
love his daughters. There are several in this sale.) and Claybrook 004 Traveler
8146 that we co-own with Allen Angus (His first daughters are awesome cows.).
The Lot 2 female is a daughter of their dam’s sister.
This set of cattle will show you our new genetic lines: “Black Cedar, Really
Windy and Image Maker”. We feel these genetic lines are the real world genetics
that can perform in our real world. We are very proud of the way these cattle
are performing. We have not put any extra feed in these sale cattle. They have
been treated just like the rest of the herd.
The Image Maker line in our herd has daughters nursing their second set of
calves; they are impressive maternal females. First, we utilized the calving ease
sire, Rockin’ Horse Tailor Made 456, that produced a nice set of daughters for
us and a great set of bulls for our bull customers. We picked Claybrook Tailor
Made 8109 to be the son for us to keep. He is a big, stout, massive herd sire
that is out of both a Pathfinder dam and granddam. Tailor Made 8109 is proving
to be one of the best sires ever used here at Claybrook. More recently, for the
Image Maker line, we are using the rock solid, Benfield Substance 8506, that is
backed by a strong cow family from the Benfield herd.
The Black Cedar line was brought into the herd for his balance of traits,
soundness and overall quality. We have used the foundation sire, Cole Creek
Black Cedar 46P, heavily for the last two years. Now we have brought in his sons
to help intensify this bloodline. Cole Creek Cedar Ridge 1V is a great calving
ease sire that has lots of muscle. The biggest impact is going to come from our
two home-raised sons. Claybrook Black Cedar 0155 is a powerful young sire
that is out of a growth and maternal cow, Harris Bluebird 514. Claybrook Black
Cedar 1159 is an eye-appealing, young bull that recorded one of the highest
ultrasound marbling numbers ever for us, but to add to his power is his great
dam Claybrook Erianna 397 that is also the dam of another herd sire Claybrook
004 Traveler 8146. The Black Cedar has a bright future here at Claybrook.
The Really Windy line is another set of new genetics that we are adding. Our
first calves hit the ground last fall with one of the best being offered as Lot 1. We
feel these cattle will keep adding to the soundness and quality of the herd. V D
A R Really Windy 4097 is the bull that we selected to impact this genetic line in
our herd. We are very proud to announce that Engelberg Angus and Claybrook
have partnered up on the purchase of our new herd sire V D A R Really Windy
7082, a Windy 4097 son that is out of a Black Cedar daughter. We hope to have
him here for the sale.
During the past year, Claybrook Farms new venture, Claybrook Beef Company,
achieved new heights, supplying 23 great restaurants and two farmers’ markets
high quality beef. Retail sales have increased processing to almost 200 head
within the Memphis area market alone. This has proven to be a very beneficial
and rewarding enterprise for the farm.
Dave Turner
Claybrook Angus Farm
Eddie Burks 531 Rick Road
Park City, KY 42160
Home: 270-678-4154
Cell: 270-991-6398
John Davis 662-316-0771
Charlie Rowlett . . 731-514-6348
Sale Consultants:
Kent Brown . . . 931-265-9200
Would like to thank Randy Lock
for the great photos this year.
Sale Location:
At Claybrook Farm, near
Covington, TN, 2 miles north
on U.S. Hwy 51, east 1 mile on
Antioch Hwy. Just like going to
the Covington airport.
Terms & Conditions:
All Cattle sell under the standard
terms and conditions of the
American Angus Association.
Terms of sale are cash.
References: American Angus
,Angus Source
, Pathfinder
. EPDs current as
of September 21, 2011. Updated EPDs
can be viewed at
laybrook Angus Farms
845 Antioch Hwy
Covington, TN 38019
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Female Sale
Saturday, March 30, 2013
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